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Palm Beach real estate offers you a life in a major international entertainment and cultural destination. Palm Beach has an identity that is closely linked to the arts, and a strong entertainment production community. You can enjoy world famous nightclubs, wonderful weather, unspoiled beaches and a modern, rich cultural life. Sporting activites include world-class golf, boating, tennis and fishing. Palm Beach FL is truly a modern paradise.

Palm Beach is a very exclusive real estate market and has a trendy and up-scale atmosphere, Palm Beach has a population of around 2,800 residents and around 100,000 residents in Miami Beach, and 400,000 in Miami. The Palm Beach home market is one of the most affluent in Florida with total retail sales close to $1 billion.

Residents enjoy the neighborly warmth of a small town united with the facilities and modern-day infrastructure of a larger city. Within its borders of 572 sq. miles, Palm Beach County encompasses numerous other great neighborhoods and real estate opportunities, including Palm Beach and West Palm Beach

Palm Beach is beautiful and captivating. The Atlantic Ocean and lively architecture create a vibrant array of colors from the warm hues of the setting sun to the bright tropical flowers to the deep blues and greens of the Ocean. Palm Beach has the feel of a tropical paradise. Luxurious estates and condos, an active cultural center, and world class recreation make Palm Beach the place to live your dream!

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